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What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score created by Moz which predicts how a particular page will be ranked on results pages of search engines (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100 and higher scores correspond to higher chances to be found.

Tool: Check your PA using Link Explorer

Page Authority is based on information from our index of websites and considers many elements. Similar to Domain Authority however, Page Authority employs a machine-learning model to determine the algorithm that is most compatible with the rankings over hundreds of search results we forecast against, and then generates Page Authority scores based on the exact calculation.

What do you score Page Authority scored?

We calculate Page Authority on a 100-point logarithmic scale. This means it’s much easier to increase your score from 20-30 as opposed to growing by 70-80. We are constantly updating the algorithm we use to calculate Page Authority, so you might see your score fluctuate periodically.

What is a “good” Page Authority?

Because of the way Page Authority is calculated (see “Technical definition of Page Authority” below) it’s best used as an relativemetric (rather instead of an absolute score) when conducting research on the results of a search and determining which sites have stronger or more important links than other. Since it’s an instrument for comparison it’s not a guarantee that you will get an absolute “good” or “bad” Page Authority score.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

In contrast to Page Authority measures the predictive rank strength of a particular page, Domain Authority measures the strength of subdomains or domains as a whole. These metrics are, however measured by using the same method which means that it’s possible that they’re more similar than they differ.

Where are you able to find Page Authority?

Page Authority metrics are incorporated into a myriad of SEO and online marketing platforms on the internet.

Within the Moz ecosystem In the Moz ecosystem, you can examine Domain Authority using Link ExplorerMozBar MozBar, Moz’s cost-free SEO toolset, and through the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer. Additionally, authority metrics will be integrated into every one of our Moz Pro campaign in addition to our .

Technical definitions of Page Authority

Page Authority is calculated in the same manner it is calculated in the same way as Domain Authority, but at the individual level of a page. Page Authority is based off information that comes from the Mozscape index of websites and also includes link count and a host of other variables (more than 40 altogether). In addition, the index is not able to not consider particular elements on the page, such as keyword use or optimization of content.

As with Domain Authority, Page Authority is calculated by an algorithm that is machine-learning which means that it will change depending on the information input into the algorithm changes. This is why it is recommended to use Page Authority as a relative measurement to evaluate with other pages, as opposed to an absolute number “scoring” the the rankability of a particular page.

How can I improve Page Authority?

Similar to Domain Authority, Page Authority is a comprehensive score that is it is difficult to directly influence. It is composed of a collection of different metrics which each influence in the final score. This dependence on multiple factors is deliberate because Google uses a variety of elements into consideration when determining the rank of a webpage the metric to calculate it must take into consideration several factors and.

The most effective way to improve the authority of a website’s Authority is to increase their link profiles. This can be achieved through obtaining external hyperlinks from high-authority websites that act like “votes of confidence” for the credibility of your website.

What caused My Page Authority change?

Page Authority depends on many variables, and could fluctuate due to a variety of reasons. Further information on the reasons Page Authority changes and a method to analyze those fluctuations can be located within the “Why did my Authority change?” section here.

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